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Bookkeeping by Kim

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The Importance of Bookkeeping

Dive into the world of financial empowerment with Kim Arney of BbK Services 556 as she delves into the Importance of Bookkeeping. Gain insights into how meticulous bookkeeping serves as the cornerstone of business success, offering a roadmap to informed decisions and sustainable growth. Let Kim's expertise illuminate the path to financial clarity and take your business to new heights!

You Manage Your Business. We’ll Handle the Bookkeeping and Comprehensive Tax Advice.

Your business means everything to you. It’s a chance to be your own boss and never “work” a day in your life because you’re doing what you love and are meant to do. But you also need to grow and deliver superior customer service and value to the clients who put their trust in you each day — and you can’t do that when you’re stuck in an endless loop of reconciling your own bank statements, managing cash flow, paying bills, processing payroll, and deciphering confusing tax forms to have all your ducks in a row come tax season. This can leave you in a position where you never know your numbers, and your company, employees, and clients suffer immensely.

BbK Services 556 in Lewisville, TX,  is a full-scope remote bookkeeping firm for small to medium-sized businesses. We understand the value these services bring you and your business, and we go above and beyond to take it all off your plate. This way, you can focus on what you do best and maximize the potential of your venture today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Our Services


Having someone at your fingertips who knows how to keep your books up to date isn’t too much to ask. We adapt to your needs and provide a smooth and efficient experience that includes bank reconciliation and financial statements, invoicing, bill pay, and complex accounting needs.

Payroll & Reporting

More than just keeping your books and offering tax advice, our full-scope financial services take the hassle out of payroll, onboarding new  employees, and sending out 1099s at year-end. Never get bogged down with these important business matters again.

Clean Up

Perhaps nothing can deep-six the business you love more than having to make sense of what a shady tax professional did or didn’t do with your books. We specialize in stepping into emergencies to get your books up to date, reclassifying transactions, and more.

About BbK Services 556

No team delivers tax advice and reporting readiness quite like ours!


BbK Services 556 was established in Texas in 2015 by our owner, Kim Arney. But Kim and our vibrant team of professionals have 25+ years of industry experience ranging from standard bookkeeping and tax consulting services to payroll and invoicing, resolving undeposited funds and improperly classified transactions, and more. We’ve seen the mistakes that can happen when a well-intentioned business owner tries to tackle these and other financial matters on their own while juggling their already lengthy list of to-dos. We’ve jumped in the middle of emergencies created by inexperienced or shady bookkeepers and tax professionals to give a frantic business owner peace of mind. We’ve resolved even the most complex financial matters with clarity and responsiveness. Bottom line, we love seeing our clients’ businesses grow and prosper. We are honored to have even the smallest role in that process, and we’ll be here to do it again whenever you need us.


As your business has grown, so has ours. We went from a small operation that strictly handled remote bookkeeping services to adding comprehensive tax advice and a variety of other services. In that time, we have heavily emphasized continuing education and becoming a reliable resource for our clients. Does your business qualify for a grant? Let us help you find out. Do you need to buy new equipment and need a cash flow report? We’ve got your back. Is there something your company needs to grow that goes beyond our financial services? Just ask — we may just know someone.

More Reasons to Choose BbK Services 556


Everything under one roof —

You do not need to hire a bookkeeper at one company and get tax advice elsewhere. We do it all.


Meticulous bookkeeping —

This is the cornerstone of our business. Accurate bookkeeping and attention to the smallest details make tax time a breeze.


We are certified in what matters most —

We are advanced certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors for online, desktop, and payroll needs. We are also pros at Financial Management Essentials.


Long-term stability —

Other bookkeeping and tax consultant companies come and go. We aim to provide you with long-term stability.


Highly responsive and FAST scheduling —

Do you have to call for last-minute help with your bookkeeping and tax needs? We answer the phone and return messages promptly.


We leave your books cleaner than we found them —

You can’t put a price on business books that are clean, organized, and ready to go come tax season.

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