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Bookkeeping by Kim

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If You Don't Know Your Numbers... You Don't Know Your Business!

BbK Services 556 in Lewisville, TX, is a full-scope remote bookkeeping and tax preparation firm for small to medium-sized businesses. No matter where you are, we are an extension of your company — working hard in the background to adapt to your ever-evolving financial needs and ensure you are set up for success. We analyze your business performance, properly budget your finances, and maximize the potential of your venture.

Our Services

Bookkeeping is the practice of accurately recording and keeping track of day-to-day financial transactions. More than just recording every transaction you conduct through bank accounts, corporate credit cards, lines of credit, loans, etc., our certified professional bookkeepers are required to categorize each transaction according to its intended tax purpose and summarize this activity in regular financial reports. In doing so, you have immediate knowledge of your company’s financial position and overall performance in real time. When we do our job as bookkeepers, you can rest easy that your business books will always be up to date and comply with regulatory and statutory tax laws. Furthermore, finding and correcting discrepancies becomes a breeze, and our tax professionals can then prepare annual financial reports and handle your tax returns.


A quick list of our primary and secondary bookkeeping services include:


•  Bank reconciliations

•  Data entry

•  Financial statements (balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow statements, etc.)

•  Paying bills

•  Invoicing


More than just keeping your books, our goal is to keep you from juggling what you do best for a career with a litany of back-office responsibilities you don’t have the time to do, don’t want to do, or probably shouldn’t be doing on your own. This includes shouldering the load with payroll services. That’s right – bring BbK Services 556 into the fold, and you can say goodbye to calculating employee salary, adjusting deductions, and ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time according to your pay cycle. We do that for you.


A quick list of our payroll and tax services include:


•  Payroll

•  Employee onboarding

•  Payroll reporting

•  1099 tax forms at year-end

•  Complete and accurate year-end tax preparation

Payroll & Taxes

Perhaps nothing can deep-six the business you love more than having to make sense of what a shady tax professional did or didn’t do with your books. We specialize in stepping into emergencies to get your books up to date, reclassify transactions, and more. Our emergency clean-up services are a roll-up-your-sleeves endeavor that takes a keen eye to untangle the mess that someone else created. Need us to pick up the slack for the last few months of the year? We can do it? Need us to go back in time and fix your books for the past 10 months? We can do that, too.


Talk to one of our bookkeeping and tax preparation professionals today about these emergency clean-up services:


•  Undeposited funds

•  Properly reclassifying transactions

•  Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts

•  Provide assessments of notes payable

•  Review loan amortization schedules

Emergency Clean-Up

Software Expertise


Property Management

Business / Project Management

Payment Processing