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Bookkeeping by Kim

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Nobody Gets You Ready for Tax Season Like This Team

BbK Services 556 in Lewisville, TX, helps businesses of all shapes, sizes, and financial situations with their bookkeeping and tax advice needs. We understand the value these services bring you and your business, which is why we searched high and low and into every illuminated corner of God’s amazing universe to find the best of the best to lead that charge. Our team believes the process of keeping your financials up to date should be smooth, efficient, personable, reliable, and something you don’t have to tackle alone. Whether you are starting a new business and want to get off on the right foot with your bookkeeping, need someone to do your invoicing and help your established business get caught up on sending out 1099s, or you’re trying to make sense of a tax preparation situation gone awry, BbK Services 556 is here for you.

Kim Arney (she/her)

President / CEO

Kim is the founder and owner of BbK Services 556 and has nearly 40 years of experience as an on-site and remote bookkeeper and tax preparation professional. In keeping books for private enterprises, non-profits, and individuals in industries ranging from healthcare and government to landscaping, construction, law, manufacturing, retail, and real estate, she takes pride in developing an efficient, informative, and collaborative approach to her client’s finances. This way, the best decisions are always made to help them reach their goals. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Kim earned her BS in Accounting and BS in Computer Information Systems from Central State University; she now teaches accounting as an adjunct professor at North Central Texas College. She has lived in five states, and she and her husband, Samuel, have been married for 37 years. Together, they have two grown children, Julian and Blair. Kim loves traveling, dancing, visiting museums, volunteering at local events and non-profits, and having as much fun with life as possible.

Erica Reese (she/her)

Senior Bookkeeper

Erica is our senior bookkeeper and strategist for complex auditing and accounting projects and already has more than a decade of cross-functional experience working in industries such as medical, cosmetology, plumbing, horse farm/veterinary, and real estate. She enjoys helping small businesses stay organized so they can focus on growing and has developed a reputation for cleaning up and preserving books for larger companies going through complex acquisitions. She earned her BS in Accounting from Kaplan University, with a concentration in Forensics and Auditing.

Victoria 'Tori' Roberts (she/her)
Administrative Assistant

Tori is the administrative assistant for BbK Services 556. Whether balancing spreadsheets or managing a household, Tori approaches each task with dedication and a positive attitude. As a loving mom to her son Jayden, she brings a nurturing spirit to both the workplace and home. From caregiving and emergency dispatch services to property management and clerical duties, Tori has showcasted adaptability and a knack for efficient organization. Her diverse industry knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to accuracy makes her a valuable asset in any professional setting. Tori is also pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Texas Woman's University with a concentration in Accounting.

Blair Arney (she/her)
Sales Associate

Blair is the sales associate for BbK Services 556. With over seven years of experience in customer service and hospitality, Blair has a passion for helping others on their way to success. She is proficient in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Turkish. She also completed 2 1/2 years in the United States Army in South Korea and Germany. Blair has an entrepreneurial and business mindset and is pursuing her associate’s degree in administrative assistance.

Julian Arney (xe/xem)

HR Business Partner

Julian is a managing partner of BbK Services 556. Xe also handles HR Partner duties for the firm while managing client acquisition and retention. Julian has over seven years of experience in customer service and hospitality and earned xyr BA in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. Julian has worked in a variety of industries, including non-profit fundraising, benefits administration, political campaigns, self-driving technology, and higher education. Julian has been a key contributor to diversity and inclusion programming and strategic development in every role.

Our Team

"Kim and her team at BbK Services 556 are top notch! They take great care of their clients!"

- Wendy Cloud, Encompass Lending Group, Keller, TX

"Very down to earth and knowledgeable."

- Ric Harris, Riyah Trucking Company LLC, Fort Worth, TX

"Kim is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who provides grounded and proven accounting services" 

- James Campbell, Span Transit/Meals on Wheels of Denton County, Denton, TX

"She is reliable and personable."

- Tanya Beach, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Highland Village, TX

"Provides efficient, professional service!"

- Cheryl Orr, Institute for Excellence in Public Service, Dallas, TX

"Kim is an amazing leader!"

- Michelle Cook, Book Drive for Kids

"BbK Services 556 is amazing! Kim & Erica consistently demonstrate professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service, making them an outstanding choice. They openly educate you on the best financial decisions and support your business toward success."

- Hannah McGinty, Hans Film & Photo

"BbK Services 556 has years of experience and is personalized for each client. They do not take a “one size fits all” approach and works closely with client to provide the bookkeeping/accounting services needed. "

- Jessie Nair, Homewatch CareGivers of Lewisville

"BBK came on board in the middle of a transition within our company and worked through a lot of difficult hand-over circumstances. They were able to provide support, understand emerging circumstances and help provide us with recommendations and suggestions. I highly recommend them."

- Kindel Coren, BizTV

"Kim is great at communicating to business owners and educating them about their numbers so they can make informed decisions."

- David Sublett, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial


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