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Our Team


Jaysa Perez (she/her)

Tax Professional, Bookkeeper

Jaysa is a Head Bookkeeper and Senior Accountant at BbK Services 556. She graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. 

Jaysa is a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor and is fluent in Spanish and English. She gained her experience working in financial accounting.


Jaysa's passion is helping small businesses develop financial security so that they can grow confidently in their industry.


Erica Reese (she/her)

Senior Bookkeeper

Erica graduated with a BS in Accounting from Kaplan University with concentration in Forensics and Auditing.

With over 10 years accounting experience, Erica has worked  in a variety of industries such as medical, cosmetology, plumbing, horse farm/veterinary, and real estate!


Erica enjoys helping small businesses stay organized so they can focus on growing, while maintaining an ability to be thrown in with the larger scaled companies to clean up and preserve organization amidst acquisitions.

Blair Arney (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Blair is the  Administrative Assistant at BbK Services 556. With over 7 years of experience in customer service and hospitality, Blair has a knack for communication.


Blair is proficient in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Turkish. She has also served 2 ½ years in the United States Army, in South Korea and Germany.


Blair has a passion for entrepreneurship and business as she pursues her Associates for Administrative Assistance.


Julian Arney (xe/xem)

HR Business Partner

Julian Arney is a managing partner of BbK Services 556. Xe earned xyr BA in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University.


In addition to keeping books for clients, Julian is the HR Partner and manages client acquisition and retention.


Julian has worked in a variety of industries including non-profit fundraising, benefits administration, political campaigns, self-driving technology, and higher education.


In every role, xe has been a key contributor in xyr employer’s diversity and inclusion programming and strategic development.

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Kim Arney (she/her)

President & CEO

Kim Arney is the founder and owner of BbK Services 556 in Lewisville, TX. She is a graduate of Central State University where she earned two degrees: BS in Accounting and BS in Computer Information Systems.

Kim’s clients comprise businesses and individuals covering  a wide variety of industries including healthcare, government, landscaping, law, manufacturing, retail, and real estate to name a few!


Whether keeping books for private enterprise, non-profit service, or an individual, Kim takes pride in developing an efficient and informative view into her client’s finances so they can make the best decisions to reach their goals.

Software Expertise

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